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DgTag is a complete “white labeled solution” which fits to the demand of every business size. As a business owner, if you think of developing a solution to keep track of each unit of your business & there by taking informed business decision & increasing revenue, then you are in the right place. Give up the idea of developing your own application from scratch which takes large amount of financial & human resources, start using DgTags with your own branding.Its fully integrated & ready-made, where you can add your own logo, branding & without worry, you can start using from day one.
To stop your agents cheat you anymore.
No. right now that facility is not available. Soon it will be seen in Phase-2
This app has a capacity to work offline in absence of internet. So,it has low risk of data lose.
Yes. You will find this app as a user friendly app.
Everytime the app is opened it will check for its location enabled or not and if not it will give a alert to switch on your location.
Yes.You have all the right to design the forms as per your requirement within minutes and without taking our help.
Yes. but that can be only done through our Console webapp.
Right now there is no provision for agent to change his or her password. Soon it will be added.
You need to register here from our website http://register.datalytics.smartinfologiks.com/ and then you can send invitation to multiple users but a single organization can be registered only once.
Go to settings in mobile app and then click on sync button to sync your contact book or you can simply click on refresh button on the header